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Rescue, Spay & Neuter, Provide Sanctuary!


About Us

Who are these crazy cat people?


A Veterinarian....

On the board allows us to plan for the health of our colony will scheduled parasite control, recommended timelines for procedures, and access to skilled vet expertise when questions or emergencies arise.

A Clinic Director

On the board provides us years of experience in educating the public, providing Spay/Neuter information, and overall colony management advise.

Dedicated Volunteers

Two of our board members live on site, at the sanctuary, providing 24/7/365 care for our free roaming colony.  This allows Cat Haven Ranch and it's board to have real life experience when creating schedules, ideas, and maintenance decisions for the sanctuary.

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Our Mission...

A free roaming cat or kitten did not choose where they were born, or why they were abandoned.  These choices that were made for them should not kill them.

The average euthanization rate in local agencies/shelters is 100% for a cat that is deemed "feral" or "non-adoptable".  There are several reasons that a free roaming cat cat, whether it be a stray or abandoned house cat, does not do well in a shelter environment.  Fear is the primary reason a cat reacts in a way that is perceived as negative.  Running to the back of a cage, hissing, trying to get away, these are all quick ways to get a "feral" label in a shelter environment.Cat Haven Ranch

Our mission is simple, take these poor forgotten ones, and bring them to a place that will let them be who they really are.  We provide a free roaming sanctuary, and do not pressure these cats into a situation where fear dominates them.  Its amazing to watch a once "feral" cat become a loving and playful outdoor cat.  80% of the cats that we intake into our sanctuary that were said to be "unadoptable" or "wild" live long, healthy lives here, and never have a problem.  20% of the cats that we get who are truly feral, usually don't come from a shelter or agency, rather an individual or business who has trapped a cat from a field.

We work hard to educate the public on the difference between a "free roaming" cat, and a real "feral" cat.  We have worked with most all of the local shelters (county, city, and rescue) to introduce the ideaology of a semi-tame cat instead of a wild cat.  Once a cat is removed from the forced confiement of a shelter, and allowed the freedom to be afraid, they learn quickly.

What we teach them, our herd, is that we provide food, water, safety, shelter, and love.  As much or as little as they want or need.  Our Regulars decide to come up to us on a daily basis get the love they want, and move on.  Very few cats that we intake into our program refuse all volunteer contact, but there are some.  We don't push and prod them. we just provide food and walk away.  That's our creed, truly do live and let live (as safely as possible).

Learn More...

Meet the board...


We have over 50 years of combined experience on our Cat Haven Ranch board.  Between veterinary and clinical experience, and animal charities, our board members have been in the business of saving animals for half a century.

  • Cat Haven Ranch Board


    Kim Sullivan serves as the president of Cat Haven Ranch.  Ms. Sullivan is one of the two live on sanctuary volunteers.


  • Cat Haven Ranch Board

    Vice President

    Dr. Leeth Harper DVM, serves as the vice president for Cat Haven Ranch.  Dr. Harper is an active vet/owner of Village Pet Hospital in Bella Vista, AR.


  • Cat Haven Ranch Board

    Board Member

    Romaine Kobilsek is the current  Director of Spay Arkansas.  Mrs. Kobilsek brings over 15 years clinical experience to the Cat Haven Ranch board.