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Donations - Annual Sponsorship

Our Colony Is Funded Solely On Donations

Interested in making an impact, a difference in the lives of our herd members?

We have "Our Regulars" in the herd, cats that choose to be around us, and can be approached, petted, fed, and sometimes, held. 

Cat Haven Ranch  - Spider Monkey

Every member of our is free roaming, and they get to choose the level of interaction they have with us.  The members who want to be around us, like to be handled, and stay close, we call those "Our Regulars".  These cats we seek Annual Sponsorship for, because we can provide interaction between the sponsor, and the cat.

An annual sponsor will donate the estimated cost of care for an entire year of food, parasite control, and a little extra for potential vet emergencies.  In return for this, the annual sponsor will receive:

  • 2 Personalized Cat Haven Tours for the sponsorship year, so you can interact with the herd
  • Monthly Newsletters with pictures, notes, and stories only available to annual sponsors
  • Your name on our Wall of Appreciation
  • Tax Deductible Receipt for their donation
  • Automatic enrollment in our Herd Member in Need list

Cat Haven Ranch - JacksonOur annual sponsors actually get to feel like they are volunteers for our sanctuary, because by supporting our herd, you really are.  We have just started the personalized tours for our annual sponsors this year.  We want our supporters to see, to feel, and to understand how hard we work for and with our colony.

We believe that providing our sponsors the chance to physically interact with our cats, to see our facilities in real life, will help you understand more about our sanctuary.  When we talk about our "Herd Walks", you will know what we mean, because you will have been here and done it.

When we talk about our serious desire to keep improving our facilities, you will know exactly what we need, because you will have been inside the Meow Motel, and the Kitten Cabin in person.  We are always concerned with the privacy of our actual sanctuary location, both for the safety of the colony and the ability to control who enters our herd.  We believe the our annual sponsors will be dedicated enough to the health and safety of our colony to keep our location private.

Cat Haven Ranch - AJ RelaxingAnnual Sponsors will also receive the quarterly sanctuary newsletter.  This will give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, for tidbits of information like:

  • What building improvements we have thought up or made
  • Who has joined the herd in the last 3 months
  • Pictures of our regulars, as they live and grow
  • Invitation Only events that are happening throughout the quarter

We try and provide as much information as we can to our supporters, and our Annual Sponsors get the next step up, which is actual physical interaction.

If you would like to help us out, and "join" our sanctuary, please donate using the buttons on this page.  If you have any questions about sponsorship, or donations in general, please Contact Us