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Donations - Food Sponsorship

As with every rescue, food is the dominating need

Our Free Roaming Colony Can Always Use Your Assistance

We have dedicated feeding stations that our volunteers fill every day.  Every month we come close to not being able to fill those stations up.

Cat Haven Ranch  - Cranky Feeding

The colony at Cat Haven Ranch stays safe and free roaming because we give them the ability to dictate, when, where, and how often they eat.  Food is one of the biggest drivers for cats, that and a nice warm place to curl up for a nap (sometimes all day).  Our dedicated feeding stations are spread across the many acres of land, allowing the herd to eat at their favorite hang outs, like the Meow Motel, or a nice open veranda, like the Kitten Cabin.  Buying 2-3 bags of hard food averages between $15-20 per day.

The feeders we use are a mixture of self loading, trough style, and regular ground areas.  The self loading feeders, like the image to the right, are all elevated.  This gives our colony members the chance to eat by themselves.  Our wild herd mates will only eat with these feeders, because they don't like other cats or people to be around them while they are focused on eating.  The feeders will take 8-10 pounds of food each, and we have 4 of them spread around the ranch.

Cat Haven Ranch - Stubby EatingWe try and limit the amount of fod that the "other wildlife" - coons, possums, the stray skunk - can access.  Our feeders are elevated at least 4 feet off the ground.  We also ensure that our cats have some method of getting up to the feeders, like a shelf, an outdoor house, etc...

We still do feed the great outdoors somewhat, but it's through the more traditional means of the trough or 'food on the ground' type feeding.  Apportioning our food correctly to accomodate this ensures that we keep our hard earned food for our colony.  If we could get 100 food sponsors, at, say, $15 per month, then we would be set for our food needs for now.

On any given day, we will dole out approximately 25-40 pounds of food, depending on the appetite of the colony - or in some cases the amount of wildlife.  We have a dry storage area (an enclosed 50x50 shop on a concrete pad) that we would REALLY LOVE to fill with cat food.  We have tried unsuccessfully to get corporate sponsors to donate pallets of food.  We are working on grants with larger pet food makers, such as Purina and Science Diet, but so far, none have been accepted.  This leaves us relying on donations, at some months, the paychecks of our volunteers.

Cat Haven Ranch - Precious FeedingAnd then there is the realization that our four legged furry colony members have minds of their own.  For example, sometimes we have to fill the feeders twice a day because someone decided that the feeder would be much better if it was located in the pond.  We are still not really sure how they got the feeder over to the water, but we lost about 10 pounds of food that day to the bass and perch in the pond.

Normally we don't focus too much on feeding the fish, especially with our cat food, we notch it up to the cats trying to fatten up the fish for later.  It just goes to show that you have to have a backup amount of hard food.  Budgeting food, say 60 bags of food will last a month, simply does not work.

When the cold winter months come around we also get about a 5-10% increase in the hard food intake for our colony members.  On the bright side of winter, we actually get a drastic decrease on our wildlife friends coming to visit, so it works out somewhat in the end to balance.  Please consider a donation either through our PayPal, or our Amazon Wish List, which allows you to buy food directly.