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Donations - Kitten Cabin

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We try very hard to not intake cats that are less than 6 months old due to the free roaming nature of our colony, but when an emergency arises, we do step in.

Cat Haven Ranch  - Kitten Cabin

Currently we have 16 kittens in residency in our kitten cabin.  They are a primary mix of 2 litters, and a few baby strays that ended up in our program.  We do have these guys listed up for Adoption, but since half of them have a primary color of black, there is historically little chance of them getting adopted.

One of the litters are a mix of mostly black kittens, very emaciated, and very young.  They were found abandoned, on the side of a road, in a drainage ditch off Arkansas State Route 94.

There are 3 boys and 3 girls, and our vet has estimated their ages to be around 6 weeks.  They have had their FIV/FeLV combo snap test - very thankfully negative.  We treated them for fleas, ticks, and worms.  They also received their first round of vaccines - 2nd week in September.  They are due for their boosters in the last week of October.  They will get their alterations in late February or early March. They will be residents in the Kitten Cabin throughout the winter, and into spring, March or April (as long as the weather warms up).



The other litter is "Kay's Newborns".  These kittens were born here at the ranch.  We got a frantic call on a Thursday night about a very pregnant stray cat in the Pineville, MO city center.  The animal lover that had found her was willing to pay for her vet services, she just wanted to find her a safe home for her babies and out of a very severe storm that was coming.Cat Haven Ranch - Kittens Kittens Kittens

We got "Kay" to the ranch, and she literally had her babies within 20 minutes of us placing her in our emergency isolation area.  She had 6 healthy kittens, and they were unexpectedly mainly calico kittens.  There are 4 girls, and 2 boys.  They are all up for Adoption, and hopefully we can find them a furrever home quickly.

They have all had their first round of vaccines, and are due for the booster shots 2nd week in October.  Their Mom "Kay" was snap tested, and negative, so all the kittens are too.  Hopefully they will find their furrever home before the 6 months passes prior to their alteration surgeries.  If they do remain in house Kitten Cabin mates, they will be there throughout the winter and into the spring.




Cat Haven Ranch - Little EnzoLittle Enzo and his Momma were trapped by a local animal lover in Bentonville, from a gas station parking lot.
Enzo was too small for our level of comfort in joining the herd, so we caught him up after a day, and he is now a happy resident of the Kitten Cabin.  He will get a set of booster shots at the end of October, and remain a Kitten Cabin mate throughout the winter and into the early spring.  We are hopeful after a couple of months in the cabin, he will start to tame down for us.

We also currently have one of our Emergency Rescues in the cabin, Sonic, and he will be a resident of the cabin with his other cabin mates throughout the winter.  Sonic's story can be found on his page, he was truly a miracle kitten.  He came to us on the edge of death, due to starvation and anemia produced by a heavy flea infestation.