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Our Biggest Need Right Now: Purina Cat Chow

  • Cat Haven Ranch - Friskies

    Amazon.com Wish List

    Worried about donating cash?

    We have created a Wish List on Amazon.com that allows you to buy items that we need, like Cat Chow, Friskies, etc... 
    You pay for the item, and Amazon.com ships it directly to us.  In today's world, it's nice to have an opportunity to truly designate where your hard earned money gets spent!

    Please take a moment and visit our Wish List page, and review the items that we need at our sanctuary.

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  • Cat Haven Ranch - Kitten Cabin

    The Kitten Cabin

    The Kittens In Our Cabin Need Your Help

    There are many, many, needs for the kittens in our Kitten Cabin.  Every kitten at our sanctuary has come to us because their Mom was abandoned or they were abandoned after their birth.

    Their needs range from vet sponsorship, to food, toys, litter, or ongoing medications.

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  • Cat Haven Ranch - Food Sponsorship

    Food Sponsorhip

    Our Greatest Need Is Always Food

    It's really simple math.  Our colony averages 25-30 pounds of hard food every day.  We go through 8-10 cans (the 13 ounce size) soft food every day.

    This adds up to $20 for hard food and $10 in soft food everyday.  $30 per day, and around $900 per month.

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  • Cat Haven Ranch - Colony Member Sponsorship

    Annual Sponsorhip

    Make a Difference All Year

    We are always on the lookout for someone who would like to "belong" to our colony through an annual donation.  We have averaged the feeding and caring of our herd, and it comes to about $30 a month.  For our healthy, happy, usual cats, that's about what they cost (no injuries or special needs) for feeding, and monthly parasite control.  Annual sponsorship does have it perks.

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  • Cat Haven Ranch - General Fund

    General Fund

    Make a Difference All Year

    Our General Fund is used when it is needed the most, for emergencies, rescues that need care, and vet services for our herd members.  Our General Fund is very small, and it is need of constant replenishment because we do rescue cats.  Aside from food, this is our most important need at any given time.  Please take a moment and read more.

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