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Rescue, Spay & Neuter, Provide Sanctuary!


Our Facilities

Meow Motel, Kitten Cabin, and Insulated Houses

Done & Needed

Meow Motel Interior Work

We have completed about 90% of the interior work to the Meow Motel.  What we need at this point is a little bit more carpenter work, fixing up some of the older pieces of woods, and possibly re-hanging some cabinets.  We would also really like to find a Volunteer who could help us build some cat beds.

Kitten Cabin

The Kitten Cabin is very well finished on the inside, however, it does not have running water.  We are looking for a Volunteer with some plumbing/construction experience who could help us draft a plan for a possible grant to install running water in the cabin.

Heated Houses

While we try very hard to provide as much warm space as possible for our herd during the winter months, we are always on the lookout for more heated houses.  Just the free roaming nature of our herd dictates that some of them simply won't come into the warm community areas, they need their own independent heated homes.  Please visit our Donation page, and check out our Amazon.com Wish List.  There are some heated house choices on that page.

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Many improvements have been made in 2 years

While our colony has many choices for rest and relaxation, we do have dedicated buildings

The Watering HoleThere are 4 natural springs on the 66 acre sanctuary.  There are 2 primary springs in the lower valley, and one of them is a very large spring that feeds this pond.  It is a year round spring, and the temperature is constant, about 65 degrees.  It pushes out enough water to build a small waterfall, where the cats drink at.  You can view all of our colony drinking locations in our Photo Gallery.

Our primary feeding, sleeping, and care facility is a barn, constructed in the early 1950's.  We have left much of the building intact, as it has nice old oak on the walls and hayloft.  The construction also included a natural rock wall in the back of the Meow Motel, which is excellent for retaining heat and cold.

We walled up a portion of the barn, and made it an actual sanctuary room, with 2 exits for the colony members.  In late 2011, we completed our major rehab of the Moew Motel, adding:

  • Insulation
  • Encasing all walls in wood
  • Re-wired the entire building to a dedicated meter
  • Added a 500 gallon propane tank and a propane heating system with an automated blower
  • Added raised beds with cat beds built in
  • Added insulated cat houses inside the Motel, so cats could choose to interact or remain aloof
  • Tore down the old siding and put up new siding on the exterior for better insulation

Meow MotelThis is our primary soft feeding food location for our daily feedings.  We also have 2 of our 6 dedicated feeding stations for our hard cat food in this building.

When we did our major building improvement in 2011, we added several comforts for our herd members.  These include raised insulated cat beds, insulated houses, and a heating/cooling system that has a blower.  You can see the before and after pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Kitten Cabin ExteriorThere was a small cabin on the sanctuary when it was purchased, so we re-purposed it for a Kitten Cabin (or an isolation room if no kittens are currently occupying it).  This cabin is very well insulated, and solidly built out of old oak barn wood.  It was originally built to house the grandkids of the previous owners, so it came with beautiful handcrafted solid wood bunk beds, built in shelves, and several windows.  Perfect for the raising of kittens who want to climb everything in site.

Outside on the porch of the Kitten Cabin, we have built and installed 5 exterior houses, that are also well insulated and 3 have heating pads in them.  We like to stage houses such as this thorughout the sanctuary, so our herd mates can choose who and where they want to relax with.  You can view more pictures of our houses and the interior of the Kitten Cabin in our Photo Gallery.