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Intake Requirements

Our Required Vet Services

FIV Dangers

FIV causes disease by compromising the cat's immune system, so it becomes unable to flight off infections and disease in the normal way.  Infected cats are also more vulnerable to developing cancer.  Common signs of FIV infection include:

  • Gingivitis/stomatitis
  • Weight loss
  • Poor appetite
  • Fever
  • Swollen lymph glas
  • Vomiting and diarrehea

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)

Feline leukemia virus is a retrovirus belonging to the oncornavirus subfamily, which means it is a cancer-causing virus.  In addition to causing feline leukemia, FeLV causes severe anemia and suppresses the cat's immune system, leaving the animal vulnerable to a variety of opportunistic diseases.

Infected cats shed FeLV primarily in their saliva, although the virus is also present in the blood, tears, feces, and urine.

Flea Dangers

Fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets, but can cause medical problems in cats, including flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), tapeworms, hair loss, and secondary skin irritations.  Also, large number of fleas can cause anemia, especially in puppies and kittens.  Some pets have been known to die if the anemia is severe.  While bites are rarely felt, it is the resulting irritation caused by the flea salivary secretions that varies among cats.

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Managing a healthy colony requires strict standards...

Cat Haven Ranch - Colony Health

Yes, we do have stringent requirements for accepting a cat into our sanctuary.

While we do not charge to accept a cat for intake into our program, we do require that a certain list of vet services be performed on the cat prior to us accepting ownership of the cat.

The list of services below can be performed at any vet or low cost clinic, as long as the records accompany the cat when we arrange for a pickup/drop off for the cat.

We have arranged a very deep discount for this package of services at our vet, Village Pet Hospital.  The total charge for all of the services listed below will be $135.  This is paid directly to the vet, at the time of the drop off for the cat.  A tax deductible receipt will be provided upon request for any amount paid to the vet for a cat that is accepted into our sanctuary.  An appointment is required, so please submit an Intake Application, and we will contact you to setup an appointment.  For more details on any of the services below, please visit our Details page.

  • FIV/FeLV Combo Snap Test
  • FVRCP Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • Flea/Tick Control Application (Frontline/Advantage)
  • Internal Parasite Control Application (Drontal/Pyrantel/ProFender)
  • Immediate Parasite Control Application (CapStar)

Cat Haven Ranch - Intake ProgramSome of the rescues or people that arrange for intake of a cat into our sanctuary work with low cost clinics in the area for some of the services, then arrange for an appointment through our Intake Application for the remainder of the services required.  We do not require that Village Pet Hospital be utilized, we simply suggest it due to the heavily discounted price.

All the services that we require each have an individual reason they are required, for the health of our colony.  We have constructed this protocol after consultation with our veterinarian, local animal control agencies, local shelter groups, and nationwide feral cat colony management programs.