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Rescue, Spay & Neuter, Provide Sanctuary!


Emergency Rescue - "LBK Crew"

Our Version of Roadside Assistance

It was a typical Tuesday, our dedicated volunteer was simply driving home....

And on the side of a busy state highway (AR-94) were six tiny kittens, crawling around in a drainage ditch, literally 2 feet from the roadway

Cat Haven Ranch  - Emergency - LBK Crew

Our volunteer stopped, and grabbed the crate (yes they are carried in all CHR vehicles) and proceeded to grab up all these tiny little kittens.

They were 6 total, all some form of LBK (Little Black Kitty).  One very exotic colored silverback black kitty, who was very vocal.  Our volunteers estimated that these kittens were around 5 weeks old.  If they had been weaned, it was not very many days in the past.

We gave them CapStar (flea treatment) and our rescue food (Science Diet A/D).  They were very obviously "wormy" so we applied ProFender (topical worm treatment).  We try not to use the ProFender very often, because it is prohibitively expensive, but it is topical, and can be used on tiny little emaciated babies like this without harsh side effects that standard worm medicine has on the stomach.

They had no problem eating themselves silly, and then happily let us tuck them into their heated bed.  They were taken to the vet the next morning.


Cat Haven Ranch - LBK Crew

Our Village Pet Hospital vet was happy to see that we had found them, and anxious to get them tested and vaccinated so we could release them from isolation into the Kitten Cabin.

Luckily these babies were simply abandoned, and not really in that bad of shape physically.  It's normal for kittens to have worms (they usually inherit them from their Mom), but they were emaciated.  Our vet guessed that they had been without real food (milk or otherwise) for about 3-4 days.  Anything over a day can be a death sentence for a young kitten to go without food.

After their vet visit, we moved them into the Kitten Cabin, and liberally applied KMR 2nd Step, Royal Canin BabyCat, and Science Diet A/D.  The combination of all these food items quickly brought the kittens back up to normal weight.

They have had 2 follow on vet visits, for their booster shots, and overall health check to ensure that the starvation did not cause any lasting negative effects.  They are still not up to what we would like to see them weigh, but they are gaining weight every day.

Cat Haven Ranch - LBK Crew
We will continue to watch these guys grow, throughout the 2013-2014 winter.  We will evaluate them in the spring of 2014 to see if they are up to a good weight, healthy, and able to join the herd.  As always, we list the Kitten Cabins for adoption, but with these guys all being the standard black, its not common to find adoptive homes for them.  It's okay with us, because at Cat Haven Ranch, all types, colors, and attitudes are welcome!  We will keep up to date with this LBK Crew, check our photo album to watch them grow up.

Please know, we could not have rescued these guys, paid for their vet care, bought their specialty food, and provided daily vitamins without the donations we receive to the General Fund.  If you can help, please consider either a one time donation, or if possible, become a monthly donor.