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Emergency Rescue - "Sonic"

Little "Sonic" Was Rescued on a Saturday

We were called by a local vet who happened to be open on the weekend

The clinic gave this little boy a 20% chance at life due to his severe dehydration and starvation

Cat Haven Ranch  - Emergency - Sonic

It was a normal Saturday, we were in town buying speciality kitten food at Petsmart for our Kitten Cabin.  Our sanctuary is 45 minutes away from Bentonville, AR., so it's very good that we picked that day, that morning, to go into town.

We got a call as we were preparing to leave town, from All Pets Animal Hospital (local Bentonville vet).  They had a Good Samaritan who brought in a severely ill kitten.  This young couple had been driving through the local Sonic restaurant for a shake, when they saw someone else feeding this little starving kitten a tater tot (this would be thrown up shortly after we got there - on us).  The clinic knew that we would intervene for a stray, abandoned baby like this.

We got there, and got a first look at Sonic.  From his teeth, we could tell he was approximately 4-5 months old, and he weighed a little less than 2 pounds.  He was severely anemic, covered in fleas, and had intestinal parasites.  aside from the obvious starvation, he was also dangerously dehydrated.

He got vaccines, deworming, flea/tick treatment, Sub-Q fluids, and a calorie paste at the clinic.  The vet was very doubtful that Sonic would survive the weekend.  We on the other hand, have a different idea when little kittens are given into our care.  We believe that they will live, and they will be safe at our sanctuary.

Sonic's visit that day was around $400, and completely drained our General Fund, and was 100% worth it.



Cat Haven Ranch - SonicCat Haven Ranch - SonicDay One







Not only did Sonic survive the weekend, but he made his first vet visit that Monday, but he was already on the upswing.  He spent the weekend in Cat Haven Ranch's intensive care isolation unit.  Our dedicated volunteers continued to provide him with Sub-Q fluids every 4 hours.  He was fed our "Rescue" soft food (Science Diet A/D) with a feeding syringe.  He was very weak, and could not eat for long standing up.

We provided him Royal Canin's BabyCat, which is very protien carbohydrate packed small kitten bites.  It is expensive, but it is the best food to feed young, sick, or elderly cats to try and boost their weight.

He is now a resident of the Kitten Cabin, and will remain there throughout the 2013-2014 winter.  He will join our free roaming colony in the spring of 2014, when he is almost a year old, and well past any health issues that may pop up.  His life was saved due to the dedication of our volunteers, and the donations from animal lovers to our General Fund.

This is Sonic, around 2 months after we did our initial emergency intake.  He is thriving, and getting ready for his neuter surgery in mid-October of 2013.  If you would like to help us save more kittens like Sonic, please consider a donation to our General Fund.

Cat Haven Ranch - Sonic