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Rescue, Spay & Neuter, Provide Sanctuary!


Who Do We Work With?

And what do they think of us....

Rescue Organizations, Local Adoption Groups, County Shelters, County/State Animal Services, and People in General:

Anthony R. - Shelter Director

The folks at Cat Haven Ranch have been wonderful to work with. They have been a contributing factor in the Fayetteville Animal Shelter reducing the euthanasia rate dramatically. They have been a great resource for us in saving animal's lives.
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Lynne M - Board Member:

We began working with Cat Haven Ranch early in 2013.  They have helped save over 40 feline lives by working with us to relocate feral cat colonies, and a couple unfortunate hoarder situation.  This group of dedicated volunteers works night and day to ensure the safety of their sanctuary.  Everytime we go up to their ranch, they have some new house, building, or feeding station that makes the lives better for their colony members.  If you are looking for honest, hardworking animal lovers who operate on a shoestring budget, you can stop looking here.
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Angela L - Shelter Director:

We have been working with Cat Haven Ranch since late 2011.  They have helped us establish a feral cat relocation without euthanization program.  Prior to Cat Haven Ranch, there were little to no options for "feral" cats in Washington County.  They had 100% euthanization rate.  While we still cannot save every cat that comes into our shelter, some are lucky enough to have a chance a new life at this beautiful sanctuary.  These people are real, and they are willing to drive 2 hours round trip to pick up a few cats at time.
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Nancy M - Board President:

Cat Haven Ranch and Save Our Strays have worked on several TNR efforts together where relocation instead of return was necessary for a feral colony.  The volunteers are very dedicated, and the ranch is beautiful.  Both our director and our volunteer coordinator have inspected this sanctuary on 3 separate occasions, and found nothing but clean, safe, happy cats.  This is a real sanctuary and haven for cats.
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Lisa B - Director:

Stray Central has successfully relocated around 10 cats over the last year with Cat Haven Ranch.  They are always willing to go out of their way helping us transport the cats from multiple Northwest Arkansas locations to their sanctuary in Missouri.  They don't ask for money, not even gas money, they will take donations, but unlike other local rescue groups, their help does not come with strings attached.  They are knowledgable, quick to help, and they care for their herd 24/7.
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