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Volunteer Your Time

Looking for an adventure?

Want to actually be able to say that you have "herded" cats?

We can help with that, and our herd can teach you how to properly walk with multiple cats....

Cat Haven Ranch  - Volunteer - Cat Walk

With our dedicated caregivers (full time on site colony managers), we typically have the day to day duties covered.  We find that our volunteer needs coincide with the time away necessary for the caregivers.

What would a volunteer do for our herd?

  • Check the 6 feeding stations, fill with hard food
  • Conduct 2-3 herd walks, anywhere from 10-30 minutes
  • Meow Motel:
    • Between 3-5pm every day, mix 96 ounces of soft food with 1 cup of rice.  Feed the soft food mix in the Meow Motel, and surrounding feeding stations
    • Check the 2 inside feeding stations, fill with hard food as necessary
    • Check the 2 exterior feeding stations, fill with hard food as necessary
    • Fill/clean outside waterer as needed
    • Check the 2 cabin feeding stations, fill with hard food as necessary
    • Check the "Veranda" feeding station, fill with hard food as necessary
  • Kitten Cabin
    • Feed the kittens, 5 cans of soft food, over 5 feeding plates
    • Clean the litter boxes, fill with litter as necessary
    • Check the automatic waterer, clean/fill if needed
    • Check the manual waterer, clean/fill if needed
    • Check the feeding station, fill with hard food as necessary
    • Be a kitten tree, 2-3 times per day, checking everyone's health and activity level
Basically, we feed, water, and observe our herd everyday.  The herd walks are just as important as the feeding, because it lets us gauge their activity level.  Watching them walk alertsCat Haven Ranch - Hide and Seek us to any limps, any missing regulars, etc...  We also use this time to apply topical flea/tick prevention once a month.  This is not something we would ask our Volunteers to do for us though, no worries.  Finding the "Regular" cats, on the side of the hill, in a bush, under a tree, is a requirement.  You must be good at hide and seek with four legged friends.

For many obvious reasons, we would ask that our Volunteers have experience with cats, preferably either prior rescue/shelter or veterinary knowledge.  Leaving our herd in the hands of someone else is a very big decision, and a pretty large responsibility.  We will really only consider Volunteers who are local to the Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville/Bella Vista) area. 

We limit the location due to necessity of two or three visits per day to the sanctuary.  For liability reasons, we do not allow children to come Volunteer or visit the colony.  While our cats are not violent, they are outdoor cats, and do have claws.  They do not intentionally hurt people, but they have been known to stretch up a pant leg and flex their claws to get your attention!

If this Colony Volunteer sounds like something you would be interested in, please do Contact Us.

Cat Haven Ranch - Obstacles in the RoadWe do periodically have a need for Volunteer to support a project at the sanctuary.  Currently, we are looking for a Volunteer with good carpenter/overall construction skills.  Two of our current projects include a new roof (and roof line) for the Meow Motel, and a redesign of the existing cat beds - adding a larger bed with in floor heating.

If you have some extra time on your hands, and can help with any of the projects listed above, please Contact Us.  You are welcome to bring your own tools, or use the tools that we have here.

For the construction side, we could really use some help drawing up a plan for the new roof line (taking down the 2 story and converting it to a single story.  We are actively looking for a building grant to assist us with the cost of this project, and grants require full project packages to be developed prior to submitting the application.  Paying for an architect to come out and draw up plans is simply not within our budget at this time, so we are hoping to find someone with general construction experience who could assist us with this.

If you are interested in helping us out with the construction project, please Contact Us

Thank you for considering donating your most precious commodity, YOUR TIME.